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Fisher Contracting Company performs work for a variety of federal, state, municipal, and private clients in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the surrounding states. With several Registered Professional Engineers and experienced superintendents on staff, we can ensure each project receives hands-on management, innovation, and safety. 

A complete list of our current and past projects is available upon request.

Site Development

Fisher Contracting Company is a full-service site development contractor, specializing in land clearing/balancing, excavation, earth moving, back-filling, and more. We maintain a large, modern fleet of construction equipment, making certain to stay on the cutting-edge of new technologies and improvements.

Road and Bridge Construction/Reconstruction

Fisher Contracting Company provides complete road and bridge construction/reconstruction services to Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other surrounding states. Our Registered Professional Engineers and superintendents have experience in a variety of transportation projects, and have successfully surpassed the expectations of multiple government clients.

Underground Utilities

Fisher Contracting Company is a full-service underground utility contractor, with experience in water systems, gas lines, site utilities, sewer systems, and more.  We take great pride in the safe and efficient installation of any project’s underground utilities.

Equipment Rentals

Fisher Contracting Company owns and maintains an extensive fleet of heavy equipment, trucks, and ancillary equipment.  All of our equipment is serviced and maintained by our qualified Shop and Field Mechanics, to guarantee high quality, dependable equipment. Click here to inquire about our Rental Equipment.


Fisher Contracting Company has over 50 years of experience in civil infrastructure demolition, as a complement to our excavating and site development operations. We have worked on a variety of demolition projects, including concrete slab and foundation demolition, bridge removal, business district site clearance, pavement removal, and piping/buried tank removal.

Value Engineering

At Fisher Contracting Company, we stand behind the principles of value engineering, in order to improve the value of the service we provide to our customers. Our Professional Engineers  review each phase of the project in order to provide recommendations for improving the quality of the project, ensuring all needed functions are present, and reducing the time needed to complete the project.

Sheet Piling

At Fisher Contracting Company, we have the experience and equipment necessary to handle a wide-range of sheet piling projects. Our knowledgeable employees take great pride in safety and efficiency during any foundation piling project.

Environmental Remediation

Fisher Contracting Company provides complete environmental remediation consulting and contracting services. Our capabilities include site testing, remediation, transportation, and disposal of the contaminated materials. We pride ourselves in safety and efficiency in each remediation project.

Landfill Construction

Fisher Contracting Company has several years of experience in landfill construction and reconstruction. We specialize in landfill expansion, closure construction, sediment pond construction, concrete containment, and more. Our employees have  years of experience in the unique techniques that are required in landfill projects, and look forward to applying that experience to each customer’s project.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us here.